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Cassie's story



At Cassie's, we take professionally catered food a step further by using only the freshest ingredients available in our classic menu.  Whether you're catering a party, meeting, or get-together, we have created a menu that everyone can agree on.  If you want real delicious food delivered with a smile, call Cassie's.  It's what we do.

Steve and Debb Olson are at the helm of this made-to-order food experience.  We have food industry expertise spanning 50 years.  Our hands on approach is part of what makes Cassie's Deli and Catering such a classic choice, right in the heart of St. Paul



Our name changed in 2015 however Steve and Debb have been in downtown since 1997.  Previously a D. Brian's Deli we are still serving the customer favorites.

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